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What is Trading ? (Part 3)

Alexander vs King Porus of India.

Fortune favors the brave, and so Alexander the Great must have thought. He became Alexander, reached the haunted palace of Nebuchadnezzar 2, the enigmatic King of the Neo-Babylonians, and the rest is history. 

Whilst an Afghan Mujahid is ready to die for a piece of the desert sand, and as a Somalian mercenary in Mogadishu is building trenches on city streets to have some bread for dinner, what stakes can you handle in your “peaceful” quest to wealth accumulation ?

In its essence, every trade is a claim to nobility, an implied assertion that you are better than all of these people; that you can just sit in front of your laptop screen in the Bahamas, or pick up the phone from the comfort of your Parnian Furniture bedroom and create wealth in a way that is infinitely more comfortable than what billions are attempting every day. All the more prepared than these billions you must be then, when the time inevitably arrives to test your Will to this regal alchemical privilege.

The fluctuation of numbers flowing through the screens of a trader is an illusion. The real strife that makes and destroys people, is the underlying reality of survival and the Will, the Claim to Glory on an eternal scale. Alexander understood this, and he went on to seek out the most glorious civilizations known to men in his time, to conquer it all to become a world historical individual whose Moment of greatness shines eternally on the human experience. The Moment, which becomes Eternal; I’m sure Hegel liked Alexander as well.

Win your immortality, trade to conquer it all, or just let me do it for you.

That is the underlying principle in all of my trades: Trading to not only defeat, but to outclass all competition. And trading not to win some scraps from a niche pie of financial services, but to preoccupy the dreams of fortune seekers in every walk of life, from any generation. There can be absolutely no unpleasant surprises in trading, when you play to defeat everyone, everywhere.

More on the specifics of my absolutist methods in derivatives trading on the next post, stay tuned. 

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