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Ferox Advisors 2014 1st Qtr Newsletter

"It is not sufficient that I succeed - all others must fail."   Genghis Khan


Dear Investors and Friends,

We launched Ferox Advisors on July 2013 and finished the second half of 2013 with a 15 % Return on Equity in just under five months of trading, so at above 30 % annualized returns while never risking more than 2.5 % equity / month, we are  already exceeding global hedge fund benchmarks on similar risk levels by a good margin.   

While an objectively promising beginning, I am not even remotely satisfied. Like Genghis Khan, I also believe in outcompeting the market not only in my own niche financial sector, but across the entire discovered range of meaningful human endeavor, and then heralding that frontier even further up. I want every winner in the world to wake up in the morning and say, “how can I get a chance to invest in Ferox Advisors today”.  Having had the honor of working side by side with some of the most profitable proprietary traders of the last decade, I have resurrected and revised the ancient art of scalping futures naked to a state of being which I believe can now transform even the nerdy casual gamer into a 300 million USD earning warrior trader within a year or two. We are out there to make new Paul Rotter’s out of reasonably good investors with sound character.

With the advent of widespread retail electronic trading, exchange based financial activity has become the ultimate global battleground. Now everyone, from the virtuoso hedge fund manager to the absolute dilettante looking for a gambling streak, can instantaneously interact in financial markets from virtually any location in the globe with an internet connection. Such increased activity levels and vigilance of human reaction (vast majority of which is also now undoubtedly automated) inevitably bring up new trading dynamics, the necessity for new strategies, and new opportunities of profit hitherto unrecorded in the annals of financial history.  Therefore we are pleased to upgrade our strategy bundle, starting February 2014, with the following innovative elements, and we say innovative with an unmatched degree of confidence because team Ferox Advisors originally conceived and improved upon the majority of these strategies:

  1) Naked Futures

 2) Momentum Futures

 3) Positional Options

With strategies 2 & 3 combined we aim to surpass 40 % RoE / annum while never risking more than 3% monthly drawdown. And with my newest offering number 1 “Naked Futures”, whilst also catering to all risk appetite tranches, I have one singular purpose in mind: to at least double that performance, thereby attaining 80% gross RoE or above, every single year.

Contact us today for an in depth discussion of how we can help you achieve benchmark smashing returns, backed by audited reports of realized trading activity going as far back as 5 years, and accomplished from 2013 onwards exclusively by our youthful company Ferox Advisors Ltd. 


Warm Regards,

Deniz Akguner



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