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FRX is a TRC20 token designed on the Tron Blockchain, also fully compatible with Open Tron

FRX is world's first decentralized hedge fund token, combining a hedge fund's   diverse alpha generation capabilities with the liberties afforded by a dynamic

DeFi ecossytem.

🍀 FRX Token Seed Round 🍀 is now live with multiple bonus rates (up to 300% based on

investment tier). Please try to send only multiples of 1000 TRX to FRX master wallet:


and you will get FRX back to the same wallet that sent the TRX according to the following index:

Up to 10,000 TRX investment, 1 TRX = 3 FRX,  (eg: 9000 TRX will get 27,000 FRX )

for 10,000 TRX to 50,000 TRX, 1 TRX = 3.3 FRX  (30,000 TRX will get 99.000 FRX )

for 50,000 TRX to 300,000 TRX, 1 TRX = 3.6 FRX (100,000 TRX will get 360,000 FRX)

For 300,000 TRX and above, 1 TRX = 4 FRX (500,000 TRX will get 2,000,000 FRX)

When depositing TRX, please use only TRC20 compatible wallets like TronLink & Klever,

and not exchange addresses.

Equivalent Rates converted to TRX apply for ETH or BTC investments, if depositing ETH or

BTC, please send us an e-mail at prior to sending the transaction

to indicate the Tron Wallet you wish to receive your tokens in those cases.

After 750,000 USD Soft Cap is reached, Seed Round will be complete and any further

investments will be returned to the sending addresses. In that event, please wait for a new

announcement here and on our social media channels for the new rates for Round 2.

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