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  • Our unique algorithmic and technical systems developed through years of winning derivatives trading experience that go beyond mathematical probabilities by incorporating prevailing market sentiments and human reaction.

  • Systems adjust for different volatility conditions, both implied and realized, with volatility models fine tuned during our tenure in the premiere European Volatility trading firm.

  • Complete Intraday Trading optionality, which can put the investor in cash at the end of every trading day. Absolute liquidity within a week even with long term structured portfolios.


  • Discretionary control over political or extraordinary black swan events that might create irrational activity in the markets. The emergence of a signal is always confirmed with discretionary macro analysis pre-trade.


  • Preset risk management, stop loss predetermined before the trade and strict maximum loss limits per day and per month automatically in place.


  • Zero-management-fee model, we only charge on profits, as a vote of confidence in our strategies.


  • Possibility to extract even more aggressive alpha by combining the intraday trading with long term options, where we have been primary market-makers for the last 5 years.


  • Strict technical discipline’s marriage with human competitive instinct brings out the most explosive alpha in any market climate.

1  Investor opens an account in his own name (or alternatively, s/he can choose to directly invest with us and  get a pro rata share proportionate to the amount utilized in our company prop accounts, for better margin rates)


2  At a trusted derivatives broker (we can recommend a few names for human controlled margin / portfolio risk management and industry leading leverage rates)


3  Trading Authority is given to Ferox Advisors with limited power of attorney, only allowing the purchase and sale of securities with contractually agreed daily and overall max drawdown limits in place.

At the end of every predesignated period, e.g. every month or quarter, profits are shared between

Investor and Ferox Advisors Ltd, the new account equity net of all fees becomes the high watermark.

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