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FRX is a TRC20 token designed on the Tron Blockchain,

also fully compatible with Open Tron

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FRX Presale is now complete

Starting Jan 10th, 2022, FRX will be available for trading on Coinsbit and Sunswap. Tune into our social media channels for more listing news, trading competitions & other promotions.

FRX is the world's first decentralized hedge fund token, combining a hedge fund's diverse alpha generation capabilities with the liberties afforded by a dynamic DeFi ecosytem.

🍀 FRX Token Presale Final Round 🍀 is now concluded, thanks for your great participation. 


 FRX master wallet:


 Presale Terms:

 Up to 1000 USD (USDT) investment:  1 TRX = 3 FRX,  (eg: 4000 TRX will get 12,000 FRX)

 for 1000 USD to 8000 USD1 TRX = 3.3 FRX  ( 25,000 TRX will get 82,500 FRX )

 for 8000 USD to 20,000 USD1 TRX = 3.6 FRX  ( 75,000 TRX will get 270,000 FRX )

 for 20,000 USD and above1 TRX = 4 FRX  ( 300,000 TRX will get 1,200,000 FRX )

When making a deposit, please use only TRC20 compatible wallets like TronLink & Trust Wallet, and not exchange addresses.

Equivalent rates converted to TRX apply for ETH or BTC investments; if depositing ETH or BTC, please send us an e-mail at prior to sending the transaction to indicate the Tron Wallet you wish to receive your tokens in those cases. For sizable investments, we can also prepare a SAFT for you, let us know by e-mail or reach out to us on telegram.

FRX Master Wallet
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