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Could a tramcar in Prague inspire you to make 10x on your equity in about a month?

Dear Investors & Friends,

Very few financial instruments offer the possibility to make 40-50%+ gains on your equity over the course of a single day; if only for this reason alone the stratospheric rise of Crypto Currencies in the last couple of years is worth a very close examination for any serious market participant.

Oct 25th, 2017 marks the date for another hard fork on the Bitcoin blockchain, with the introduction of the new GPU mineable Bitcoin Gold, and since the last recent split in August with Bitcoin Cash netted all Bitcoin holders free cash at around 400-700 USD / Bitcoin held, all the crypto currencies are currently being sold into BTC, aptly called “Melt-up” in anticipation of the dividend like offering of Bitcoin Gold.

This creates very interesting opportunities in the alternative crypto space as many extremely promising coins are at very cheap levels again; however investors are a little bit concerned to invest in cryptos now that they have proven to be highly volatile, and some previously cooperative countries like China have been trying to censor their exchanges and ICO’s after it became clear that blockchain is becoming a paradigm shifting force of nature in the world economy.

The question for the astute investor now should be “where can we find an ICO or an existing coin that has a reliable team, a very promising business model, and powerful state of the art technology to back it up?” which brings us to the central theme of this blog entry: Worldcore.

Worldcore ICO, starting on the 14th of October, separates itself from the rest of the incoming ICO projects for 2017 in that it is the coin offering of an already financially robust and profitable company (even an Ernst & Young conducted stellar evaluation report is published in full on their website) with an international business model in electronic payments that ties very seamlessly to blockchain technology. In fact that was the main motivation behind the title photo for this post, it was a refreshing surprise to see an already well-established corporate entity, with a broad enough reliable customer base to run ads on tramline wagons in Prague and airports, decide to make a foray into Crypto space.

Just to draw one comparison, I personally made precisely 10x on my previous investment into the ICO of Monaco Card in May earlier this year, where I received the coins on a per share price of 2.5 dollars on the initial offering, and sold part of my holdings when MCO briefly rallied to 26 USD after getting listed on Bittrex - arguably the most popular crypto exchange at that time. I should note that Monaco Coin was a Hong Kong based project with no compliance in either the U.S. or the EU, no official agreements with Visa or any other payment institutions which still have not been finalized to this day, and yet investors, just based on the quality of the team alone and their presentable website, managed to take home 1000 % in gains in just a little over a month. By contrast, Worldcore is already considered among the top 100 enterprises in the EU, with well-known physical presence as an EU regulated corporate entity, and it would be reasonable to expect it to dominate all competitors in the crypto-fiat conversion business; it undeniably is the most robust of them at the moment. So barring a catastrophic collapse of the crypto markets, tenfold gains or similar should only be an understatement for this product.

You can find out much more and participate on the Worldcore ICO directly from their website at You can also follow my complete trade recommendations on all crypto currencies on our twitter account @FeroxAdvisors.

Warm Regards,

Deniz Akguner

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