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Dear Investors and Friends,

We are pleased to report that since the official launch of our market neutral automated portfolio, consisting of the final version of Alaz 7 and Rainmaker 4.1, trading since Jan 01, 2016, we have concluded every single month profitably, up to and including May 2016, and we are now up 12.58 % year to date for 2016 (net of all fees, all accounts are USD denominated).

We are using the Interactive Brokers' state of the art auto allocation master feeder structure to distribute our trades every day, pro rata, to each individual linked account that is under my management.

Up until the threshold of 25 mil USD AUM is reached, we are going to continue with this consolidated master portfolio approach, which makes it extremely flexible and convenient for new investors to join on a day's notice, by opening an individual or corporate account at Interactive Brokers and then just nominating me as a trader.

Our standard risk approach is 5 % max / month, and 10 % max from peak to trough, neither of which has even been remotely approached.

Feel free to give me a call for official brokerage statements and detailed analyses on hit rate, return on equity and performance models.

Warm Regards,

Deniz Akguner

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