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Join the Land Revolution


Depositing Address (SRT Master Wallet):

FRX Master Wallet


📣📣📣 Jan 2024 Update

After our initial seed round hot wallet got hacked on Aug 26th, 2023,  

We have vastly upgraded the security protocols, everything removed from the cloud and hot wallets now, so going forward safety will be world class and exclusively handled through cold wallets, 

We also recovered some of the stolen funds from the hacked wallets using experimental methods and some bundle transactions, 

Announcements regarding the Saratoga presale will follow soon, stay tuned ladies & gents



🏆 Saratoga Launch 🏆

There are no private rounds or any hidden VC partners, this is provably the most opportune pricing and time to get in. The launchpad round will only commence if the hard cap isn't reached, and the per token price will be higher than the Presale. Immediately after launchpad is complete automated locked liquidity will be provided on the leading DEX of the launching chain. 

We will renounce all the smart contracts; users and stakers will have majority control over the business and investment decisions of Saratoga, as a foundational principle, we aim for this enterprise to flourish in harmony with organic, grassroots driven demand.


If you prefer to invest with ETH, BTC or other alternate crypto assets, send us an e-mail at or on telegram beforehand to indicate the final wallet you wish to receive your tokens.

Original plan is for Saratoga to focus on smart agriculture, wellness and longevity technologies. SRT holders will get direct profit share from physical land based profits as well as the most favorable terms to participate in any future production carried out by Saratoga team. 

Saratoga will also introduce a groundbreaking foreign land ownership model based on real land backed NFT's, removing all tax and local bureaucracy from the equation, with profit shares up to 90% of all products obtained on that land paid pro rata to NFT holders depending on how long they maintain possession of the said NFT during a harvest period (typically 1 year).

Check out the upcoming roadmap for a much more in depth discussion of our innovations. 

SRT Tokenomics_02.png

Token Name: Saratoga


Symbol: SRTG


Decimals: 9

Total supply: 7,000,000,000

taxFee percent: 0%

liquidityFee percent: 0%

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