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"By virtue of exchange, one man's prosperity is beneficial to all others" Frederic Bastiat

Dear Friends & Investors,

While Cryptocurrencies continue to engender extreme controversy about their future valuations, nearly everyone agrees, for a variety of reasons outside the scope of this article, that the USD will continue to be devalued for the foreseeable future. It’s almost an equivalent certainty that when the world’s reserve currency looks so bleak, all the other asset classes operating in reference to it will also be adversely effected.

Therefore, even for the most conservative investor, exposure to alternative and paradigm shifting forms of value should be the most austere financial action to take under current market conditions, which ties us to the focus of this entry: the Continued Crowd Offering of Peculium (PCL), which in my personal experience, is the most powerful Crypto Currency offering in 2018 ytd, in the realm of financial services.

In brief, Peculium is a utility token offering precise predictive capability in Crypto Currency markets, using its unique patented AI: AIEVE; I’ll illustrate how powerful and profitable it is with a personal anecdote:

Even during the first months of my career when I began as an options market maker about 8 years ago, one thing was instantly clear to me: most finance professionals liked to talk a lot about theory, portfolio management, risk, 2nd degree greeks, alpha, edge, etc., and yet only the select very few could personally make any money in the markets. Even in top tier investment banks or cutting edge HFT firms, thousands talked a big game, but only a few could perform, the rest simply had no clue how to do it or were merely following orders. If trading is your game, results cut through all the propaganda very quickly.

In late 2017 I participated in a BTC price prediction competition along with Peculium when AIEVE was yet in alpha stage. The results were published on, and almost a thousand people signed up. The rules of the competition were as follows:

1) Predict the price of BTC (Bitcoin) close for the next day till midnight on the current day, and publish it. Repeat this process for the next 2 weeks.

2) At the end of the 2 weeks, top 3 who get the closest to the actual BTC daily close prices in average percentage terms are the winners.

In a spectacular turn of events, I placed 4th on this competition, and AIEVE placed 3rd, it was a pleasant surprise for me since I usually win these events :) . Bear in mind that in the short run, any one person from the sample of participants could outperform in one or two of these competitions just based on random probability. However what’s amazing was, even in its alpha version, AIEVE was building a very robust track record and exhibiting a superior human equivalent financial performance, which, if you had simply copied its advice and bought & sold BTC based on its predictions, would have already presented you with benchmark smashing returns.

Imagine utilizing this AI on not just 1 flagship product Bitcoin, but hundreds of crypto currencies and traditional asset classes from indices to commodities, and then figure out the astronomical alpha generation potential for yourselves. When we check the roadmap on Peculium’s official white paper at, AIEVE will complete its beta stage by Q3, 2018 which will enable it to start giving specific product recommendations to all ICO investors. Already the current version has had an 88% proportion of winning days even during the strong crypto bear market of 2018. By participating in the Initial Coin Offering, investors will not only benefit from automated trading signals generated by AIEVE, but they will also receive PCL tokens as a pro rata profit share from the performance of all portfolios managed algorithmically by Peculium.

With every milestone completed in AIEVE’s development, more unsold PCL tokens are burnt, and the PCL token price for the next stage of the ICO doubles, just two more self-evident motivations to invest in this phenomenal project sooner, rather than later.

You can find out all about the ongoing Peculium CCO & participate at,

and follow me @FeroxAdvisors on twitter for all Crypto & Trading related updates.

All the Best,

Deniz Akguner

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