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This week renowned HR Executive & Yoga Teacher Malgosia Goralska joins us as a guest author on our blog

Tonight we’ll have a Full Moon, energetically a very strong day in the moon cycle. Not only can we see the Moon in its full beauty, but many of us can also feel it instinctively as our energies mirror the energy of the moon. The impact on individuals can differ, but it is often linked to feeling more heaviness in the body, having amplified emotions and some agitation. It’s even been demonstrated that more babies are born during a Full Moon in comparison to all other days of a month. Many cultures in tune with nature and spirituality have been highly cognizant of this day since ancient times.

Full Moon is also a great time to reflect and let go of the things that do not serve us anymore – thoughts, emotions, habits, even people. It’s time to release the unwanted and create space for something new. In many traditions Full Moon is celebrated with fire ceremonies. During these rituals people often symbolically burn what’s meant to be released.

These rituals can be simply adopted by anyone who wants to use the energy of the nature for beautiful change and transformation.

First - reflect on the things you are grateful for in your life. Feel the gratitude deeply. Then make a list of things that do not serve you anymore and you want to release from your life. When ready, burn it while being exposed to the full moon light and together with the moon simply start a new cycle. Such is the fire ritual known as the tradition of Agni Hutra (Fire Healing) practiced every month in Bali (and gaining popularity worldwide), which is considered one of the highest Vedic rituals and has powerful healing properties as well as invoking blessings of health and abundance…

Gosia Goralska, Biotechnologist by education, is an HR professional with over 20 years of experience in international corporations. Passionate about pleasant growth, self-development & transformation, she is the founder of Face Yoga Delight in Warsaw, Poland, and a certified coach & teacher of face yoga according to the Face Yoga Method™.

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