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Absolute Returns Asset Management Company managing client accounts and proprietary capital, with a focus on exchange listed derivatives and crypto currencies

Ferox Advisors Ltd

We are a trading advisor company managing derivatives accounts for proprietary trading and external clients with a focus on absolute returns. We are registered in the RAK free trade zone near Dubai with trading offices in Istanbul.

We have invented & vastly upgraded the key derivatives strategies of a few of the most profitable proprietary traders in the world for the last decade, and we are pleased to have launched a firm with an unprecedented edge in derivatives trading to propose to you the highest rates of return on your private capital.

We strive to maintain an annual return to investors net of everything of a minimum 30 %, with greater further upside potential on free gamma.

Since June 2017, we are also offering managed accounts on Crypto Currencies, which indubitably have become the most profitable asset class of the world in the 21st century. We specialize in exchange listed derivatives and can help you achieve benchmark defeating returns in two ways:

Managed Accounts

Contact us to create a structured managed account deal with us, trading derivatives or crypto currencies. As a vote of confidence in our strategies, we typically charge no management fees and only do profit sharing above the high watermark with a highly asymmetric return profile where yearly Return on Equity often surpasses risk by threefold or greater.

Private Enterprise

Join us as a private equity partner, where you can either apply to directly become one of our private shareholders participating in all future cash flows including Crypto Currency ICO's, or join in our physical trading (off-exchange commodities) and other alternative investment ventures such as international football management on a case by case basis. 

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The Weapons Trader,

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FEB 25, 2017

Even though I like to be 99 % original, I will make an exception this time by taking a page from Robert Mercer's (of Renaissance Technologies) book and agree that data precision might be the single most important element in backtesting methodologies.

I share with you a timeline of the full development of our two flagship proprietary fully automated strategies, and how they evolved into their final versions after about 2.5 years in development. While the philosophy of both Alaz and Rainmaker have remained similar over the years, the enhancements in our data capabilities have led to much better parameters and code, and we are pleased to offer you the final versions of them both from March 2017 onwards: Alaz 7 Rainmaker 4.3 .

Below you can find some commentary on the production notes for each of these along with the corresponding timeline: 

Deniz Akgüner. Feb 24, 2017


Aug 3, 2015

Our 2nd fully automated Algorithm "Rainmaker" went live AUG 2015. This strategy is inversely correlated to our first algo "Alaz", so together they comprise a truly risk neutral profile to generate explosive alpha in all market climates. Contact Us to find out how you can participate in any one of our managed accounts or upcoming fund & private placement offers. 

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