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Ferocious Alpha

We are a trading advisor company managing derivatives accounts for proprietary trading and external clients with a focus on absolute returns. We are registered in the RAK free trade zone near Dubai with trading offices in Istanbul.

We have invented & vastly upgraded the key derivatives strategies of a few of the most profitable proprietary traders in the world for the last decade, and we are pleased to have launched a firm with an unprecedented edge in derivatives trading to propose to you the highest rates of return on your private capital.

We strive to maintain an annual return to investors net of everything of a minimum 30 %, with greater further upside potential on free gamma.

Since June 2017, we are also offering managed accounts on Crypto Currencies, which indubitably have become the most profitable asset class of the world in the 21st century. We specialize in exchange listed derivatives and can help you achieve benchmark defeating returns in two ways:

Managed Accounts

Contact us to create a structured managed account deal with us, trading derivatives or crypto currencies. As a vote of confidence in our strategies, we typically charge no management fees and only do profit sharing above the high watermark with a highly asymmetric return profile where yearly Return on Equity often surpasses risk by threefold or greater.

Private Enterprise

Join us as a private equity partner, where you can either apply to directly become one of our private shareholders participating in all future cash flows including Crypto Currency ICO's, or join in our physical trading (off-exchange commodities) and other alternative investment ventures on a case by case basis. 


Aug 20, 2022: Announcing SARATOGA

One melodic word gaining increasing momentum. Not a password, not a cult, not literature, simply the expression of savage instinct.

A mystical impetus, a dawn wind sans any discounted private sales or VC deals behind closed doors. 

We will achieve a number of goals fundamental to us and the greater crypto community with this offering, which:

1) Directly reward the holders

2) Directly invest in physical land and organic agriculture

3) Build longevity and wellness technologies

SRT token coming soon to BSC, stay tuned for fair launch.

Blueberry Farm.jpg

Dec 14, 2021: FRX Major CEX Listing Confirmed for Jan'22

Our beloved community asked for it & we are proud to deliver:

Major CEX listing of #FRX is confirmed for Jan 10th, 2022, the exchange is big across Europe and Asia, top 10 in some metrics & top 20 in others. 

Listing price of FRX token will be 0.09 USDT, so we kept our promise of 1 TRX = 1 FRX (or better) at time of listing. 

The remaining allocations in the Presale final round thus present a tremendous opportunity with bonus rates of up to 300% compared to the upcoming listing price, head on over to 🏆 🏆to benefit from the final round until Soft Cap is hit. 


Meanwhile more than 22,400,000 FRX are staked now with holders benefiting from monthly profit shares by simply staking at 400k FRX were paid out in December alone as part of November trading profits.

Thanks for your continued support, and stay tuned for our expansion to Metaverse & NFT's in the year 2022.

    ⭐️ FRX Staking⭐️Team ⭐️ Telegram⭐️ Twitter⭐️ Medium⭐️ Github ⭐️ WP v1.5 ⭐️

Be Your Own Hedge Fund Meme_edited.jpg

May 31, 2021: FRX Staking DApp Goes Live

🍀 FRX Staking DApp version 1.1🍀went live last weekend and already surpassed 20,500,000 FRX in total value locked, bolstering the intrinsic price appreciation of FRX token.


Holders of FRX can now stake their tokens at  to earn monthly dividends in the form of TRX, FRX and later also stable coins like USDT. 


The credits for FRX staking accumulates in hourly increments, and at the end of every month, the earned credits per user will be compared to the total monthly FRX staked to give a proportionate reward distribution based on the realized trading profits on that month. 

Because the proprietary trading account of FRX primarily consists of fiat derivatives trading, such a paradigm shifting staking model continues to build strong value for FRX even during periods when crypto markets might undergo a bearish stall. 

In other news a strategic partnership for the upcoming IDO is being negotiated and will be declared as soon as a deal is finalized. To obtain FRX at the best bonus rates 3-4x better than IDO prices, we welcome you on our landing page: 🏆 🏆


  ⭐️ FRX Staking⭐️Team ⭐️ Telegram⭐️ Twitter⭐️ Medium⭐️ Github ⭐️ WP v1.5 ⭐️


Apr 8, 2021: FRX Token Launch Update

🍀 FRX (Ferox token) 🍀 is a hidden gem from the currently hyperactive Tron Network with the state of the art crypto team we built around it, and real use cases with robust intrinsic utility ( please peruse our White Paper for more details ).

Having launched our 1st Seed Round funding in February 2021, FRX to date has now accumulated approximately 800 holders (and steadily increasing), so this is still as early as you can discover a true moonshot candidate in crypto space; total supply is locked at a max of 700 million.

Tron Network finally understood the value of launchpad deals and partnered up with DuckDAO recently. This positions $FRX as a leading IDO / launchpad candidate on Tron Network. Already we were in negotiations to do an IDO next month on BSC; now it can also happen on Tron in an even smoother way.

Regardless of where the IDO (Initial DEX Offering) happens, FRX price exploding 15-20x from our extremely discounted Seed Round prices are a conservative estimate.

Here is the landing page for the Presale, all you need is a Tron wallet that accepts TRC20 tokens to receive $FRX ( like TronLink or Trust Wallet ) 🏆: 🏆


Do your own due diligence naturally, and thank us later 🍀:


⭐️ FRX Team⭐️ FRX Telegram⭐️ FRX Twitter⭐️ Medium⭐️ Github ⭐️ White Paper ⭐️

Nicholas Cage FRX meme.jpeg

Hmmmm, such beautiful memes, much crypto 



Dear Investors & Friends,

The recent volatility spike and financial collapse during the Covid 19 crisis highlighted one essential element of any asset management business: an organic, mutually beneficial brokerage relationship on a human level.

The recent derivatives trades we took during the course of Q1 2020 were, in my personal opinion, some of the best trading I've demonstrated in any firm that I worked for throughout my career, and that list includes some record breaking performances in European Index options for multiple exchanges as well as reaching number 1 spot in the world in ultra low latency event driven trading. 

If our previous broker's auto liquidation algorithms had not erroneously kicked in owing to a series of grossly inflated stress tests triggered by the fears of broker bankruptcy when implied volatility for most option positions briefly shot over 100 across the board, currently our combined portfolio Return on Equity net of everything for YTD 2020 would stand, on a conservative estimate, at least 60%+ in profits in just under 3 months of trading. 

Instead because part of our portfolio got liquidated without even a word of warning or a chance to readjust manually, we are standing at around breakeven for the year in overall performance; thus it was an easy decision for us to immediately change our prime broker to a more promising, youthful firm that necessitates human interaction for margin calls and gives their customers a chance to control their positions. This will be the standard business operations going forward, with 360° human checks in place for account management regardless of what automated systems we or the brokers employ. 

The Corona Pandemic aftermath will spell the end of many outdated brokerage firms, and rightfully place the buy side clients to the forefront of financial activity. 

On a redeeming note, the robustness of our options strategies was such that they persevered and turned profitable despite an unprecedented Black Swan event that put the entire world on pause for the foreseeable future...

I wish you and your loved ones a very swift and healthy return to an enjoyable life, and feel free to reach out to us whenever you feel ready to find out about:

1) Our industry leading Individual Margin accounts for derivatives on all US exchanges (now with greater and human controlled portfolio margin capabilities)
2) Managed Account structures for Crypto derivatives trading, including exchange based options and OTC arbitrage. 

Warm Regards

Deniz Akguner

FEB 25, 2017

Algo Trader from the Back.jpg

Even though I like to be 99 % original, I will make an exception this time by taking a page from Robert Mercer's (of Renaissance Technologies) book and agree that data precision might be the single most important element in backtesting methodologies.
I share with you a timeline of the full development of our two flagship proprietary fully automated strategies, and how they evolved into their final versions after about 2.5 years in development. While the philosophy of both Alaz and Rainmaker have remained similar over the years, the enhancements in our data capabilities have led to much better parameters and code, and we are pleased to offer you the final versions of them both from March 2017 onwards: Alaz 7 & Rainmaker 4.3 .
Below you can find some commentary on the production notes for each of these along with the corresponding timeline: 


Ferox Advisors Production Notes enhanced

AUG 3, 2015

Our 2nd fully automated Algorithm "Rainmaker" went live AUG 2015. This strategy is inversely correlated to our first algo "Alaz", so together they comprise a truly risk neutral profile to generate explosive alpha in all market climates. Contact Us to find out how you can participate in any one of our managed accounts or upcoming fund & private placement offers. 

Contact Us about Anything Related to Ferox Advisors, We Will Be Promptly in Touch with You.

Istanbul, Zurich, Dubai

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